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last weekend and my week so far [Mar. 3rd, 2004|09:13 pm]
[MoOd Im iN |cheerfulcheerful]
[My MuSiC |I like the way you move]

Well last Saturday was fun. Me,Steven,Justin,Tristan, and Eric went to Chena Hot springs.It was soo much fun.We were on the way there right and we stopped at Laynes house which is Justin's cousin and Steven the little shit came over and put his ass in my face and ripped one.LMAO!! you shouldve seen my face haha I was soo grossed out.And of course steven is trying soo hard.I swear I thought he was gonna shit his pants.I was scared for him.Then we got there and I was in the rock pool. And I see this condom wrapper and I was like 3 feet away.hahaha and I was like its A LIFESTYLES CONDOM WRAPPER HAHAH!! you just would have had to been there.It was fun.haha yeah then we got out of the pool and got dressed and shit and went to the cafe thing. Its really nice there but its really expensive. It cost 7 dollars just to swim and the pool was really warm cause the little piss ants piss in the pool.haha then me and Jessica were swimming and this string of bugers was streaming along.That was soo gross.haha.lol I was like ewww.haha then around 6 we left and Justin drove me to Staceys.And then I went home.Yeah and Tuesday.I went and saw Roald and we hung out.He came over to my house because we were all gonna skip and go over to his house because his mom or dad wasnt home and so we were all gonna stay the night there.but then when we got to his house.His mom had showed up.We were bummed.I really wanted a break from school.Its all good though.Then Today I talked to bonnie and we are gonna go do something saturday with all the guys and stuff.Its gonna be fun.Yeah I havent talked to her in like a million years.Its good to talk to her again though, I miss her.Yeah but anyways just thought I would update this.I havent in a while. But im gonna go.Byez!
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:.My Weekend.: [Feb. 22nd, 2004|08:42 pm]
[MoOd Im iN |happyhappy]
[My MuSiC |Mya-Fallen]

Well this Weekend was fun.Friday after school I went over to Stacey's and hung out with her for a bit.Then I went home and Justina stayed the night with me.I was like woohoo.Yeah then Roald called me.I was all Happy! Saturday we had a party.Me and Justina had baked a cake for Justin's birthday and made jello shots for him.Then Roald called me and told me he would be at my house at 10:15 he came on the dot.Hes soo hot and like he brought the Ryan,Collin,Tristan and Ryan's brother.Then like a little later Steven and Justin came.I love hanging out with guys.Then around like 11 we had to go get stacey and Collin was not happy cause Roald was kind of buzzed. Anyways went and got stacey she snuck out and Roald fell in the snow and just laid there.And I was like im leaving and hes like "No! Help me" hhaaha I was like okay so I helped him up. And we were going back to my house and Roald couldnt hold him self up so hes like "gimme a piggy back ride" and I was like ok and he didnt lift up his legs so I kinda like fell and hes like "ill just walk on my knees" haha and then I helped him up and held his hand till we got to my door.Then we like just hung out.And he was like hugging me and he was heavy like muscle and I fell on the corner of the glass table and we just laid there on the floor.Then like we were watching music video's wasnt that a blast.god.lol then me and Roald went in my room cause he wanted to take pics.haha he saw himself and freaked out I was like hahaha.It was great lmao.and I gave Roald this lighter and it had a marijuana leaf on it and when you lift the cap it lights up and has the high flame.Its tight and Roald was like "I'll buy you something really nice.You will love it." I was like awww. And hes gonna buy me a hat that looked like his and its like a trucker hat.Its tight.I was wearing it and Roald goes "can I have my hat" and I was like ok and Ryan says "why it looks better on her" I was like HIGH FIVE! yeah! Anyways.Then we all hung out just chilled and Steven is soo dorky haha he was getting chocolate chips and making me a trail to follow where the chocolate chips are.Its a inside joke.lol nvm.Then Roald got this weed and it was just enough for like a puff.I was like hahahha thats funny.Yeah anywho thats that.And then we all hung out in my room and Justina and Stacey left and I was left with the guys.Hahah my house was soo messy but all the guys cleaned it.And then I went over to Justins and hung out with him and Roald and Steven and the triplets went to sleep. We watched First Kid.It was gay.Then Around 4am Justin took me home and Roald went and laid on me.im like whatever.haha your cute why not.lol.Then I went to sleep.Sunday I went over to Stacey's and we hung out and talked and did our project and ate dinner.Me and her are on a diet so we look good in our dresses for prom.We are both going to the monroe prom and shes going with Justin and I think I might be going with Roald.Stacey is like yeah ashley your dating Roald now and im like uh I dun think so. haha.Shes like he acts like your boyfriend.Buyin me stuff and everything and holding my hand and hugging me.haha I was like whatever.Anyways then I went home and Josh and Bonnie came and I went with them and Paralleled parked.It was fun.Then went to Uaf to see Ryan hahah ewww.I was reading the newspaper and it was like hmm 22 calibar for sale.Interesting haha.Then left and went to Fred meyers.Came home and now im writing.Oh man I cant wait till next weekend.Im going to Chena Hot Springs with Justin and them.Its gonna be hella fun.And this tuesday im going to monroe to visit haha and to see Justin on his birthday and to chill with Roald.Then going back at lunch with Stacey. Yay! and then Friday i think im having a party with Danielle.Getting some weed for Roald.Yeahuh.And then I see him two weekends from now.Yeah.we will prolly go to the club.yaya! Anyways well im gonna go.Byez!
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WoAh! [Feb. 20th, 2004|11:01 pm]
[MoOd Im iN |excitedexcited]
[My MuSiC |Chingy-Holidae Inn!]

Well this week was okay.We took our finals and they sucked haha and yeah.Then Wednesday I hung out with Justin all day until 9:30 we had soo much fun.Hes soo awesome.Then Friday I hung with my sis.Shes staying the night.Then tomorrow which is saturday im having a party with my friends. aka Steven's friends.And steven is coming to hang too.Hahaha weird huh?Yeah I had a convo with him last night and he was like "you know ash we have had a bumpy road and you know what im talking about and ive decided that I dont want that anymore and I wanna hang with you" and I was like okay then come over Saturday so he will.lol Im glad and Roald is coming! hahah hes sooo Cute! I went over to his house wednesday and just chilled. I could care less about Steve-o and them. Oh well.And yeah anyways im sick of people putting things in their journal that make me feel like shit.So knock it off.If you have something to say just say it to my face so yeah.Anyways my Best friend Stacey is coming over tomorrow too were all going to the club.Then next tuesday im going to Monroe to visit Justin and Roald because its Justin's birthday. Its gonna be fun.Haha.Then Today which is friday I went after school with stacey and got this Lighter for Roald and it has this marijuana leaf on it and when you lift the cap it lights up and it has this nitroxide flame to it.Its awesome. And he called me today and I told him about it and hes like "ill buy you something thats even better" im like no dont cause yeah.I dont need nothing.Anyways hes sucha cutie.Im glad im friends with him.Hahaha Justin told me I changed Roald.Because of the whole time hes know Roald. Hes never seen Roald open up like the way he did to me. I was like wow thats weird and he was holding me and stuff and hes never done that to anyone before.haha.Anyways yeah I like him.Im going to prom with him.Im going to the Monroe prom.I cant wait! Yay! And I cant wait till tomorrow! Yeahuh im gonna make Justin's chocolatey cake.Its gonna be yummy.Im getting skinnier.I dont eat much anymore.so yeah Im gonna be perfect in my dress.lol but yeah.Then yeah Collin and Roald are coming over at 8pm and helping me make the cake.Yay! And then were gonna go get stacey.Yay! Then we might all go to the club.Such as Me,Stacey,Steven,Roald,Collin,Ryan,and Justin.Yay! like me and stacey say 5 guys,10 balls,4 titties,2 pussies and one night of fun! hahaha.yeahuh.lol yeah i havent heard from Bonnie lately.I wonder why? I just give her space when shes with Darren cause I let her do what makes her happy.SO yeah! anyways and Next saturday im going to Chena Hot Springs with Justin,Steven,Jessica,and im not sure who else.But yeah its gonna be sooo much fun I cant wait! woo! Get to chill with everyone! yay! Anyways yeah well im gonna go get ready for tomorrow.Got to go.Byez!
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:.Valentines Day.: [Feb. 15th, 2004|02:02 am]
[MoOd Im iN |happyhappy]

Well my valentine weekend went sooo good! Friday I stayed after school and stayed with Stacey for that dinner thing.Met Justin,Hes hella cool.My new Bro.He came to the dinner too and I sat with him.Then Justin gave Stacey this beautiful Gold Rose.It was gorgeous.After the dinner Justin went home and me and Stacey left.I stayed the night with her and it was fun. We fell asleep waiting for Justin.He got fucked up and never called us. Then I had to babysit today and that lasted till 10 and then I went home and Roald and Justin came over and then we got the idea to go to the club and we chilled there for a bit.Roald is my pimp haha The RG representer lol! Anyways they were my pimps for the night.lol I think Roald is Hot!! wOO DAMN!! lol yeahuh.Then I feel sooo bad for Justin because Stacey broke up with him because her mom wont let her date white guys and if her mom ever found out that Stacey was Dating Justin she would send Stacey away. and then me And Roald were in the car waiting for Justin and he gets in the car and turns and says "thats not something you wanna hear on Valentines Day" I was like wahhh I was soo Esad for him.Poor Justin.I just met him yesterday but I feel like Ive known him forever.Hahaha and Roald and me have sooo much in common lol too bad Steven would never let me meet his friends and I dont know why cause they are hella cool and they are the greatest guys ever.Everyone should know them lol.But yeah im tired.So im gonna go. Im gonna be doing laundry and I might go to the movies with Justin and Roald! yay! well BYEZ!!
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Geez [Feb. 9th, 2004|08:18 am]
[MoOd Im iN |blahblah]
[My MuSiC |People talking]

Well i'm at school and I had another fight with my mom.Whats new huh.Anyways yeah shes gonna be turning my cell phone off and Im like whatever do it.I dont care. I was like turn it off and you wont be hearing from me.But yeah she will prolly kick me out or send me to Texas.Threaten to send me to catholic school.That aint gonna do nothing to me. Amyways,just thought I would let everyone know that im not gonna be on for a while and im grounded and if my cell phone doesnt work for you call my home phone.But yeah,im gonna go.Ill ttyl. Byez!
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Aww Im gonna cry :( [Feb. 3rd, 2004|11:10 pm]
[MoOd Im iN |thankfulthankful]
[My MuSiC |Me Sniffling]

I just read Bonnie's Journal and it was sooo sweet.Thanks Bonnie.I trust you more than anybody,and I miss you.I miss talking to you and telling you all about my problems.Im happy your coming over saturday cause I can finally talk to you.And dont ever forget this.Ill always be there for you even when we fight or go through hard times.Your like family to me.And dont forget that.I'll catch you when you fall.I'll cheer you up when you are down.Cause thats what friends do.Yeah but dont ever forget that.Just to let you know you havent done anything wrong.I was mad but im not anymore.I should let people be happy.So im gonna tell Kylie and Steve to date,as long as their happy.Im happy for them.I have other crushes.It just wasnt meant to be.Like I said before nothing ever works out for me.But like I told Steve I rather be his friend then his enemy.But yeah..just like that.And were gonna find guys so that we can be happy.lol it'll be great.Your a true friend and I respect that more then anything.Like I am towards you.Well I try to do my best to be a good friend.I know we had a rough time before by saying the things I said.But some things I say I dont mean.And I never meant to hurt you or hurt your feelings about the Darren thing.Im really sorry.I was just playin around about them dating.Maybe I should think twice about stuff like that cause it does hurt peoples feelings.Just how I just hurt you.And im REALLY REALLY sorry if I caused any pain to you.I dont mean to.I love yah Bonnie and I always will.Well Call me anytime at night and talk to me because im always awake to talk.If you have any problems that your going through,tell me and i'll do the same.I'll try my best to give you the best advice I can.So just to let you know how great you really are of a friend and im lucky to have you as my friend.Love yah
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For Dinger [Feb. 3rd, 2004|02:51 pm]
[MoOd Im iN |accomplishedaccomplished]
[My MuSiC |Breathe by Michelle Branch]

For You Darren,This is your poem.Hopefully I made the best outta it.

You are one special person
to everyone and even me
But somehow you are too blind to see
Who you are and what you mean
This is just what is seems
You've lost alot,this I know
Just be careful,Don't let go
Be strong, and go on
Feeling pain i'm going sain
For what I am and what I do
I know the pain your going through
Just remember how great you are
Your the greatest Bro by far
You help me throughout my hard times
One day I wanna chill with you and drink Corona with Lime
Ya know friendship lasts a long long way
Hopefully ours will stay
Have our laughs and just have fun
Your my Bro, Your #1
Just be happy
Be who you are
Just be that person that people adore
I look up to you in many ways
You are kind and Caring everyday
I know you will be there for me through thick and thin
Just remember your my homie till the end.

I love ya Dinger
-Niggie Niglet aka:Ashley
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The Bestest Poem in all FRICKEN ALASKA!! [Feb. 2nd, 2004|10:43 pm]
[MoOd Im iN |thankfulthankful]
[My MuSiC |Never leave-Lumidee]

A Poem that Dinger wrote

You question so many things.
What true friends are and what they bring.
So many lies so much deciet.
Yet you stand without defeat.
I admire the person you are.
Your smile can be seen from afar.
You've been hurt yet you refuse to withstand.
Your wishing deep down for someone to hold your hand.
I may not be your number one fan.
But i'm there for what I can.
Your light shines upon everyone.
You like to joke and have some fun.
Your chill and cool and extremely laid back.
Girl, do you smoke crack? Ha.
Naw, just kidding. Your a good friend to me.
Far better than most eyes can see.

Aww that was the bestest poem ever, and I look up to him like my bro.
Thanks Dinger
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My Poem [Feb. 2nd, 2004|10:41 pm]
[MoOd Im iN |satisfiedsatisfied]
[My MuSiC |Save the best for last-Vanessa Williams]

A Little Poem

Time and Time we talk
Sometimes it's good and sometimes it's not
When it's bad you get mad
Then I laugh and you get sad
Sometimes I wonder how we get along
We always fight,you think your right
But I think you're wrong
You say you don't care,but that's a lie
You cut yourself and I wonder why
You think It's a pain reliever,well your wrong
It's just your death sentence strolling along
What you really need is to chill
You say you won't but hell I will
Your losing your friend's slowly and surely
By how you are and how you act
Your attitude makes me wanna yack
It's either this or either that
What's the deal? Stop acting fat
Stop being a bitch and start acting real
Start being yourself and tell people how you really feel
Sometimes you take things out on others
It's not a big deal that's just another
You take things too serious
Or am I just delirious?
Why do I bother on what you feel?
Why do I worry on what is real?
All I should care about is Me,Myself,and I
Why This,Why That
This is all a piece of crap
Maybe I should stop acting fat
All my troubles, all my worries
For me it's all too blurry
To see the true me,It makes me mad
That I'm too blind to see myself for who I am
To make myself understand & and not to worry
Maybe I won't see myself as too blurry
Something's people should know
When I'm sad inside,I appear myself as happy
I smile when I hurt
I appear myself as dirt
I'm cruel to myself as you can see
And I wonder what the fuck is up with me
Am I wrong? Am I stupid? Am I smart?
Do I even have a heart?
People take advantage of me and why do I let them?
Maybe cause the way they respond
Maybe I should say no, But will they let it go?
I don't know
Things never work out for me
They never have
I find my life truly bad
People think I'm happy
Sometimes I am
Sometimes I'm not
I think I'm done so I'm gonna stop
I think that's enough as you can tell
And I know your thinking what the hell?
But that's okay,It's just how I feel.
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My Bestest friend. [Feb. 2nd, 2004|10:29 pm]
[MoOd Im iN |gratefulgrateful]
[My MuSiC |Forever in your eyes-Jessica Simpson]

Well, I just realized who my best friend was and its Stacey.Shes muh girl.Shes the only one I can really tell my problems to.And she does the same with me.We tell each other everything.We dont hang out as much but I see her as my other half.If shes sad,im sad. If shes happy,im happy. Etc..Shes my best friend and Ive come to realize that. But yeah I love you Stacey.I will always be there for you,just like you are for me.Yeah I havent known her that long but something told me to talk to her and meet her because I would be really good friends with her and I did.We did our project together and things went from there.I always get along with her.Infact yesterday we watched the superbowl together on the phone.She was going for the same team and she had bet her dad 10 dollars and same with me on my dad.And the Panthers ended up losing and It was sad.But yeah.Shes the only one that understands me.Steven understands me too.Yeah I showed Darren my poem. He fucking loved it and put it in his journal.I was pleased that someone liked it.Yeahuh I have these three guys that wanna date me and I dunno who to pick.And im trying to hook Stacey up with Darren hahaha.She thought he was hot and I was like "hmm a possible hookup" lol just joking though.Stacey should only be with Justin. Anyways yeah. Im gonna go to bed because im tired and I need my sleep.Love you Stacia!!Byez!
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